Why hire a freelance writer for your business blog

Why Hire A Freelance Writer For Your Business Blog?

As a busy small business owner, you probably don’t have time to produce content each week. But you still might question: why hire a freelance writer for your blog?


Miss publishing a post or two on schedule, and you’ll probably feel guilty. And that’s without the added pressure you’ll feel when trying to catch up. Plus, your time is already stretched.


So, why hire a freelance writer for your business blog? There are plenty of reasons to work with a freelance writer to help with your content marketing strategy.



Free up your time to focus on your superpower

Everyone has a superpower, it’s likely the reason you started a business. For some, it’s fixing cars, boilers, selling watches, or recruitment. While for others, it’s marketing.


If you must feel inspired to write or need to force yourself, you consider hiring a freelancer. Your time is far too valuable to be working on tasks that don’t provide the highest return on investment and aren’t enjoyable.


By hiring a freelance writer, you seed some control and can reclaim time. As the editor, your task is to ensure content is regularly published and matches your standards.



They write to a brief (not when inspiration strikes)

A reason most content marketing plans fail is due to lack of effort. Sorry, but it’s true. Writing takes a lot of effort, and you’re already slammed with work, so it’s the first thing to be let go of.


I work with my clients to build templates, SOPs, and outlines that ensure consistent results when working with a writer. By having these resources in place, you can also reduce the amount of editing work needed.


Give even a half-decent writer a blog post outline, and they’ll fly. If you work with a superb writer, the results will be inspiring.


It won’t surprise you that a writer’s superpower is to write engaging content that educates and informs. When appropriate, they’ll use humor to drive home the point. They will have a toolbox of techniques, ideas, and sources to stay inspired while working on boring topics!


Yes, writing is a skill you can learn, develop and refine, but it’s far easier to work with someone who’s passionate about putting words together and has spent years honing their craft. Not to mention has developed their freelance writing skills.



writers brief



Freelance writers are affordable

Spend a second to calculate your hourly rate. Let’s assume you bill your clients $80 per hour. Also, let’s assume that writing a 1,000-word blog post takes you 4 hours (or a cost of $320 if you had seen clients instead).


Now, imagine you could hire a freelance writer for your business blog that costs $40. By handing this task off, you could potentially make $280 or use that time to relax or answer emails (more likely!).


So where can we find a freelance writer for $40? Good question!


There are plenty of places to hire freelance writers from, including Fiverr and Upwork. I’ve used both with good results. I can choose from a range of writers of all different levels, expertises, and countries.


If I want a dirt-cheap writer, I can hire someone from the Far East. I could instead spend more and hire a UK or US native.


All the writers I’ve hired, offer one or two revisions, allowing me to ask for tweaks after they deliver their first draft. Having the option to ask for revisions is another way to save time and ensure the quality is consistent while keeping to a content marketing plan.



Lower overheads than full-time staff

Freelancers are far cheaper than having to hire another member of staff. You don’t need to buy another desk, computer, find them a parking spot, or pay them holiday/sick pay.


There’s also no long-term commitment. If their work isn’t up to your standards or they fail to meet the deadline, you never have to work with them again.


That said, if you find a good freelancer, you can afford to pay them more to keep them working for you or give them a bonus. Don’t worry, you have the budget!


Another benefit of freelancers over full-time staff is as you can hire/fire at will, a freelancer will go above and beyond. Whether they can pay rent depends on doing an excellent job for all their clients. So, they’ll put in the extra effort to ensure they work to your deadline and keep you happy.



You’ll become a better writer and editor

You might wonder how writing less can help you become a better content writer. Quite simply, as you focus on polishing someone else’s work, you become more focused on what connects with your reader and what needs rephrasing to improve clarity.


Also, by working with an expert writer, you’ll quickly learn new tips, tricks, and techniques that improve your writing and communication skills. Even a small improvement in your communication skills could have a massive impact on your bottom line.


As an editor, you have a completely different task than as a writer. You no longer need to worry about writing or desperately searching for inspiration. Instead, you can spend less time, refining someone else’s work.



Publish content more consistently



Publish content more consistently

As a small business owner, you wear many hats, sometimes at once! You probably focus on delivering products or services and hope that referrals will come in, producing a steady flow of new customers.


Marketing can easily be the last thing on your to-do list, or you could focus on easy promotional tasks. Even if you enjoy writing, you might not have the time to commit to writing a new article or two.


As your blog’s editor, you can focus on four key tasks:


With the right processes in place and a writer, you can spend a fraction of the time it currently takes you to write a piece of content.



Able to work quickly

Another reason why hiring a freelance writer is worth it, is their ability to work quickly. A professional writer might be four times as fast as you on a good day. While you perfect a single article in four hours, they’ll have written three or even four pieces.


Plus, as highly skilled professionals, their quality is very consistent. To the untrained eye, it’s hard to spot what is an amazing article vs an average one. As an occasional writer, your consistency will be all over the place, which isn’t ideal if you’re trying to build predictable results.



Why hire a freelance writer: 7 reasons

As it’s best to focus your time around your talents, hiring a freelance writer for your business’s blog is worth the money. If you’re wondering why hire a freelance writer? You now have seven reasons!


A freelance writer is cheaper, faster, and easier to work with than a full-time employee. Plus, they don’t take holidays or demand sick pay.


That said, you will become the editor and are still responsible for posts being perfect and published on time. However, that’s far less work than writing every blog that gets published.

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