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Where To Hire Freelance Writers? 6 Places

If you’re not a natural writer and prefer to pay a highly skilled professional, you’ll want to know where to hire freelance writers that will allow you to grow your website traffic and sales. Thankfully, there are plenty of options available from social media, networking, online marketplaces, and referrals.


Before hiring anyone to write for your website, you should have a house style, a content calendar, and a content map. These basics will ensure you get the best results from your efforts as you’ll have a solid foundation.


Here are 6 places where to hire freelance writers for your small business that will ensure you get good results and generate more revenue and leads using SEO.



#1 University or college

Most universities and local colleges have a creative writing program, even if it’s just an even course. Many who attend these courses are already good writers but lack confidence and experience.


Hiring content writers from a creative writing program will involve you having to put together an SEO content boot camp to ensure they write pieces that will rank. However, they will be passionate about writing and willing to learn.


Be willing to pay students and mentor them while working with you. It shouldn’t take long to find plenty of writing students eager to work with you! They are superb places where to hire freelance writers from.



#2 Online marketplaces and job boards (Fiverr, Upwork, ProBlogger)

I’m a big fan of Fiverr, it’s easy to use, trusted, and safe. Plus, you can message freelancers before and have a chat to see if you’re a good fit. But that’s not to say it has its downsides or limitations.


Fiverr takes a massive 20% of what you pay the freelancer, so it’s best to make contact with them outside the platform after the first order. Doing so will give them a sizeable pay rise and more freedom.


Upwork works similarly to Fiverr, allowing you to hire all manner of freelancers from writers to graphic designers and digital marketers. The bar to entry is slightly higher, which means you’ll pay more but in return should get better results.


If you’re looking to find a US writer for a long-term assignment, it’s worth posting on the ProBlogger job board. It’s one of the best places to find excellent writers. That said, you need a decent-sized budget.


There are plenty of other freelancer websites you can hire writers from, but these are the main ones worth considering.



hire freelance writers online marketplace and job boards



#3 Local creative writing group

In libraries and community centers the world over, local creative writing groups meet weekly. These are an encouraging environment for people to develop their writing skills and pursue their passion, even if it’s just as a hobby.


Creative writing groups are a treasure trove of incredible writers, many of which may not have had the opportunity to pursue writing as a career earlier in life. Hence, they are an excellent place to recruit writers for your website and blog.


As with students, you’ll need to train them how to write SEO-optimized content and pay them well for the best results, but you should easily find some hidden gems.



#4 Facebook groups

There are hundreds of Facebook groups dedicated to freelancers, content writers, internet marketers, side hustles, and more. You can find 1000s of writers in a few clicks. Doing so, allows you to find a few different writers that match your requirements, budget, and house style.


A few groups to get you started:



Ask for samples, pay for the first piece and take it from there. Don’t order a lot of content based on a sample or pay someone hundreds upfront without building trust.



#5 LinkedIn

There are thousands of writers on LinkedIn, and most are looking for more work. The majority of people on LinkedIn are there to build their careers and make new friendships. Both of which make it easy for you to find writers.


I have hired freelancers from LinkedIn and have also recommended my connections to others. So, it pays to create content on LinkedIn as a freelancer, even if it is a long-term game plan.


As with other platforms, judge any potential hires by how quickly they reply (if they take a week at this point, they will overrun their deadline), what they write in response, and your gut reaction to working with them.



hire freelance writers content agency



#6 Recommendations

When considering where to hire freelance writers from, you can’t overlook personal recommendations. So, the best starting point is to ask people already in your network if they can suggest a few people.


Most writers enjoy the company of other writers, and so can usually recommend someone if what you’re after isn’t their thing.


Case in point, I recently had a networking call with someone who owns a digital agency. He was looking for someone to ghostwrite his LinkedIn posts. Two names popped into my head, both of which, I’d met on LinkedIn, funnily enough!


For one of these people, it wasn’t within the type of writing work she does but did recommend a few people, one of which was successful in taking him on a client.


It pays to have a strong network and be willing to make recommendations whether there is a payout or not.



#7 BONUS – Content agency

No, I haven’t gone mad! Some content agencies allow you to publish work using the original author’s name. If you enjoy how they write, you might be able to find them on LinkedIn and hire them directly.


You’ll need to check they can legally work outside that agency, have the capacity to take on work, and are willing to be paid a fair rate.


How I look at agencies, marketplaces, and job boards, is I’m paying for the initial introduction. My second order is direct with the person, who receives a healthy pay bonus (as they don’t have to pay the middle man).



That’s where to hire freelance writers from!

Hiring writers for your website or blog couldn’t be simpler, especially now you know where to hire freelance writers from.


Some general advice in closing. Start with a single piece and pay them for it, even if the quality isn’t great. Don’t order multiple articles without working with them as they might take your money and run.


Do supply writers with article outlines to help them cover all the points you expect and to make their job easier. We all need some direction, especially when working with someone new.


Set deadlines and hold your writers to account. Don’t let them get away with excuses as the more room you give them, the more they’ll take!


Finally, always give constructive feedback. Even if you never plan to hire them again. It’s in your best interest to develop your team by coaching them.

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