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8 Ways To Repurpose Content For Better Marketing

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Written by on 05 Jan 22

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If you’re stuck in the cycle of writing new articles for your business’s blog and feel you could be doing more to market your work, you’ll want to learn how to repurpose content.


With a few simple tweaks, you can reuse your existing articles creating additional touchpoints with your target customers. And the more times prospects come into contact with your business, the better!


Here’s how you can turn one existing article into eight pieces of content. Don’t work hard! Work smart and repurpose content!



Is repurposing content a fancy way of saying share?

What I mean by repurposing content is taking an existing article and tweaking it to work for a different medium. For example, you could turn your blog post into an audio podcast simply by recording it using your phone or laptop.


Of course, your content marketing plan should involve sharing a link to your latest blog post on social media, but this isn’t a way to repurpose content.



So how can you repurpose content to better market your business?

Your blog article can easily become:


  1. Video

  2. Audio podcast

  3. Slide show

  4. Email newsletter

  5. Infographic

  6. eBook


  8. TikTok videos

  9. Basis for a seminar or event


These nine options barely scratch the surface of what’s possible. There are plenty more ways you could repurpose content and create more visibility within your target market. Let’s explore these nine options in more detail.



repurpose content video



#1 Video

Most people wrongly assume that recording a video is difficult, time-consuming, and costs thousands in gear alone. And that’s before they think about what to film.


The smartphone in your pocket is powerful enough to shoot a decent video with audio that you can use to market your business. Don’t spend thousands buying the latest 4K camera or hiring a studio at the start. If your videos do well, you can invest in better gear.


There are many ways you can repurpose blog content into videos, but here are my top two.


You could film yourself reading the article and add images later to illustrate the points you’re making. Plenty of free video editing software is available, including Shotcut (which I use).


If you have a few members of staff, you could film a panel discussion. You could turn the subheading and main points into questions that you discuss.


As with any skill, with practice, you can talk and act naturally on camera. My Friend, Dan Bennett runs 1 Minute Media, which teaches small business owners how to look and sound great on videos.



#2 Audio podcast

If you’ve filmed someone reading the article or a panel discussion, export the audio and release it as a podcast episode. Another way to work smart, not hard!


If you haven’t created a video, don’t worry. You can record someone reading the article on your phone and use that audio. Of course, you could record a few people discussing the topics covered in the article on your phone.


Again, don’t spend thousands on gear at the start. If your podcast starts to reach thousands of listeners per episode, you can upgrade to a proper recording setup.


There are plenty of platforms to upload your podcast, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. Also, there are plenty of podcast directories you can use to attract new listeners.



repurpose content powerpoint presentation



#3 Slide show

Turning an article into a slide show is easier than you might think. First, find an attractive template. As each section will become a slide, you can sketch out the number of slides you’ll need.


Use your existing subheadings to form the basis of your slide show. Next, summarise each section of your article into 3 or 4 bullet points. Finally, add some slide transitions and check the spelling.


With your slide show, you can upload it to Slideshare, LinkedIn, and more, and drive traffic from it to your website.



#4 Email newsletter

The top frustration of many of my clients is knowing what content to email their list. Some small businesses completely abandon email marketing after a few weeks or months. But you do have options.


You could send your latest post as an email in its entirety. If your clients are busy, they might prefer to read an email than a blog.


Another option is to use the complete introduction, followed by a list of bullet points that summarise the article. You’ll want to end with a link to the full article. What a concise way to read an article!



repurpose content email marketing



#5 Create an infographic

As a long-form image, there’s an art to building infographics. So you probably want to work with a freelance graphic designer. Similar to a slide presentation, you need to summarise your article into concise points and use images to tell the story.


The best place to start is by reading: How to Make an Infographic in 30 Minutes.



#6 Create an eBook

Turn a few blog posts into an eBook that explores a topic. It might take you a few hours to format them into something you can publish, but once done, your eBook can market your business around the clock.


If you don’t have time to edit or aren’t a graphic designer, hire someone on Fiverr or Upwork. It’ll be money well spent.



repurpose content ebook



There’s at least one golden nugget in every blog post you write. You might need to do some digging, but believe me, there’s gold in what you write. Once you’ve identified the most quotable sentences, you can either post them as tweets or turn them into image quotes.


If you’re using WordPress, it’s also worth installing the Better Click To Tweet plug-in as it will allow you to highlight these in your post while making it easy for your audience to tweet them (with a link back to your website).



#8 TikTok videos

If you’ve already filmed a video, you could cut it into 30 second or 1-minute sized clips to post on TikTok and Instagram. Similarly, if you have repurposed your blog content into a slide deck, you could film a video for each slide.


Bear in mind, TikTok is supposed to be fun and unpolished. So keep it short, funny, and a little quirky.



repurpose content seminar event



#9 Basis for a seminar or event

At the heart of every blog post is a topic. Some are big, and others are small. There’s no reason you can’t repurpose content into a seminar or event, especially if the underlying topic is big.


You could use the original post as the start point, with talks on each section and a panel discussion at the end to conclude the event.



Where to start to repurpose content

As there are plenty of ways to repurpose content, you might get stuck knowing which ones to try. I don’t recommend trying all nine we’ve discussed in this article.


Pick two or three ideas that you can easily try without spending any money or much time. Don’t waste your day creating a TikTok video only for it to get a handful of views. Do spend a few hours filming a video that you can cut into shorter clips and reuse over the next year.

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