How to promote your blog for free

How To Promote Your Blog For FREE: 20 Tips

Ask anyone who’s trying to use content marketing to grow their business what their biggest problem is. And it’ll be promoting their blog. So, here are 20 ways how to promote your blog for FREE.


Some will work for everyone, while other tactics will only work if you’re B2B. Hopefully, these will help spur you in action and spark your imagination. Don’t forget the marketing part of content marketing!


Stop wondering how to promote your blog for FREE and take action on my 20 ideas!



#1 Email

If you’re not sending a monthly or weekly email, you’re probably leaving money on the table. Plus, you can use Mailchimp for free and it has plenty of built-in templates that are easy to adapt to your business.


If you’re not a designer, that’s fine. Send a plain text email to your subscribers with links to your latest posts and an offer that will entice them to get in contact to buy. Don’t overthink it. Over time you can experiment and find a format that works for you.


If you don’t have an email list, ask your clients to sign up and use a Mailchimp widget on your website to help collect more.



#2 Comment on relevant blogs

Build connections and stay up to date by commenting on relevant blogs, but don’t spam. People still read blogs (such as this one!), and they are a highly useful source of information.


Leaving well-written comments is a superb way to build connections and drive traffic to your website. Don’t engage with a blog once. Instead, make it a habit to view it once every few weeks.


My top tip is to find blogs you love and start promoting them. You’ll build a stronger profile in your industry, which will open doors for you, including bringing more visitors to your website and blog.



Guest blog posting



#3 Guest posting

If you enjoy reading a handful of blogs relevant to your business, it’s worth asking if you can write for them. Known as guest posting, it’s a fantastic way to build your profile, get backlinks to your website and drive more visitors.


It’s also worth spending some time to research who the big bloggers in your niche are. Again, offer to guest post for them. You won’t be paid for the post but the benefits should far outweigh the time you spend writing.


With any guest posts, make it useful and informational. Only plug yourself and your business at the end. Finally, do what you can to promote it.



#4 Link Building

Before you close the page, just stick with me for a moment. Yes, link building isn’t easy or quick. When done right, link building can help you skyrocket your traffic, especially if you’re trying to rank for highly competitive keywords.


The words link building strike fear into the heart of most business owners but it’s far simpler than all of the Gurus make it out to be.


Think about who has talked (press, trade mags, local school, a charity) about your business during the last year. Could you ask them for a link? Yes, and it’ll probably be successful.


If you haven’t done any press this year, now is the time to give some money away to a local school or charity and gain some good press (and links) in the process.


Another option is to contact a business that has synergy with yours and see if you can exchange links or swap guest blog posts.



#5 Facebook Business page

If you have a business page on Facebook, remember to share your latest post whenever you hit the publish button. You’ll want to ensure your blog post has an interesting picture as people spend a microsecond looking at each item on their Facebook feed, so you need to stand out.


When posting on Facebook, ensure you write a descriptive title that matches your eye-catching image.



promote blog social media



#6 Twitter

Another superb blog marketing tool is Twitter. Plus, did I say, it’s free?! Setting up an account takes a minute or two. After you publish a blog post, you’ll want to share a link on Twitter with a brief description of the article.


As Twitter moves fast, you can post about your new post the next day or two days after the first Tweet. You just might want to change the wording each time or alternate between a plain link and a link with a description.


Don’t use an automatic posting tool to send the same Tweet every hour as you’ll get banned for being a spammer. Instead, weave your blog articles in with other people’s Tweets to provide your followers with an interesting feed to follow.



#7 LinkedIn

Some wrongly consider LinkedIn to be a formal place that’s only good for wasting time. However, when used correctly, LinkedIn can be a powerful sales and marketing channel if your clients are other businesses.


It’s worth spending some time filling out your profile. Next, get involved by commenting or liking whatever your contacts’ posts and sharing your blog articles.


As long as your posts are relevant and high quality, you will drive some traffic to your blog that might convert into sales for your business. If you haven’t given LinkedIn a go, do try it.



#8 YouTube

You could produce short video summaries of each article that you post on YouTube. You could host a monthly Q and A or round table and use that to promote your business and blog. YouTube is the world’s second-biggest search engine, so you’re missing out if you’re not on there.



promote blog youtube



#9 TikTok

If you’re producing short videos for YouTube, why not also use them on TikTok? It’s a superb place to share your blog and engage with a range of prospects.


Tiktok followers are pretty engaged. However, you will need to put in the work. Here are some tips for getting TikTok to work for your business:



#10 Snapchat

Only lasting 24 hours, Snapchat can be a fantastic place to throw up a quick image and URL if you have time. Don’t spend hours creating the perfect promo post.



#11 Podcasts

Everyone and their dog seems to have a podcast. So, it’s easy to arrange and go on a promo tour without leaving your home! Podcasts are a fantastic method to promote your blog, position yourself as an expert in your field, and build a bigger network.


Starting a podcast does take time and a little investment. However, having a podcast is great for establishing yourself as an authority in your industry. Even if you don’t start your own podcast, consider being a guest.



promote blog podcasts



#12 Medium

Many bloggers swear by Medium as an excellent traffic source, especially as you can repost your existing articles. Getting started can take a while, but the time investment is worth it.


You can learn exactly what to do and how to get set up on Medium as a blogger in this great article from Neil Patel.



#13 Instagram

Granted, it’s hard to promote your business on Instagram as you only have a profile link and can’t place links within posts. However, you can post new images often and use stories to highlight new blog posts. Both provide opportunities for you to promote yourself.


If you want to send people to multiple places, use a free service like SleekBio. Simply customize SleekBio to include all the links you want people to be able to quickly access, and post a link to it in your profile.



#14 Niche related Facebook groups

There is likely a Facebook group or two for your niche. For example, if you blog about Beekeeping, you can find a few related groups that you can join. Do get stuck into the group before posting links to your articles or you’ll be banned. And, do read the rules of each group.



promote blog pinterest



#15 Pinterest

Repurpose your blog’s main image as a Pin on Pinterest. Create a pinboard for each of your blog’s categories and keep adding new pins every time you publish a new article. Many business owners overlook Pinterest, but it’s an amazing way to get targeted traffic to your website.


If you have time, try using Canva to create images. You can use Canva to overlay words on top of a picture. It’ll only take you a few minutes to produce something that looks great! You could hire someone on Fiverr to create images or a template.


You want to ensure the image clearly describes the content of your blog post. Think about how you can make it stand out so that the viewer clicks the link to your website.



#16 Internal links

Internal links are super powerful and often ignored by most website owners. Every time you publish anything on your website, you should build at least 3 internal links from posts or pages that already rank and drive some website traffic.


As Google crawls your website, it relies on you having built links between posts and pages. The more links you add in the days after publishing, the more likely Google is to find and index a new webpage.


For a page to rank in Google and therefore drive traffic, it first needs to be indexed. So don’t overlook internal links and ensure you optimize them correctly.


Another reason internal links rock is they help visitors stay on your website. If they like what they are reading, your visitor is more likely to click on an internal link and read another article.



#17 Quora

Often missed by small businesses, Quora is the place to crowdfund answers to your problems. It’s a fantastic place to promote your blog. However, as with leaving blog comments, you need to be subtle.


If you’re curious about how Quora works, don’t worry, it’s easy! Just create a profile, search for unanswered questions in your niche. You can quickly establish yourself as an expert in your field with great, concise, and helpful information.



promote blog friends family



#18 Friends and family

Turn your friends and family into your new marketing team! As biggest fans, they will want to help for free and may even have some good ideas you can try!


Can they help you by sharing your latest posts on their LinkedIn? How about sharing your latest Pinterest image? Could they hang up virtual fliers for you on free classified websites? Have they spotted an opportunity you haven’t?


By harnessing the brainpower of friends and family, you can achieve more, faster!



#19 Reddit

As a unique social media platform, Reddit attracts hundreds of millions of views each month. Anyone is free to submit content and other Reddit users vote every piece of content either “up” or “down,”. It can become quite addictive after a while.


Warning: Before using Reddit, make sure you have read their rules, as sometimes they appear to be very strict.



#20 Online forums

If you run a consumer-facing business (home decor/DIY/ car maintenance etc), you should look into forums as a quick and easy place to post your blog.


Despite the rise of Facebook Groups, online forums are still popular. There are forums about playing the guitar, cars, beekeeping, interior design, and home cinema construction, to name a few.


Don’t go in and blast your blog everywhere. First, become part of the community and work in the odd promotional post where applicable.


You can find online forums on Google or forum directories like Proboards.



turn blog post slide presentation



BONUS: Slideshare

If your blog is more instructional or informational, consider creating slide presentations or infographics and uploading them to Slideshare.


While the competition on this site is generally low, you still have to work on creating presentations that command attention. Of course, it should also add tons of value and have a link back to your blog.



How to promote your blog for FREE: Start today

My best tip for promoting a blog is to start today. Pick one or two ideas from this list and try them. Don’t waste time wondering exactly just how to promote your blog for free. Instead, take action!


And if you’re looking for more ways to promote your blog for free, read my guide to repurposing content. Why work harder when your content can work smarter!

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