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1 Simple tip on how to generate content ideas

Written by on 14 Jun 21

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If you’ve run an website or business blog for a while, you might have gotten to the point where you’re out of ideas. It’s the single most common reasons content marketers fail. Here is how to generate content ideas. My tip is quite simple!


As creativity is a muscle, with practice you can become more creative. For example, if you wanted a more lean physique, you’d work out more often and watch what you ate!. The same is true for content ideas.



Why do most fail to generate content ideas?

If you’re not used to thinking up new ideas then having to come up with a load every Thursday during a brainstorming session will be tough. Instead of learning how to generate content ideas, you’ll check Instagram, emails and replay your latest, favourite track.



How can we productively think up new ideas?

Instead of trying to generate a load of ideas at once, aim to note down 5 new ideas each day. Yes, it’s that simple!


Sometimes you’ll write down way more, other days you might come up with 2 new ideas. Again the more often you try to be creative, the more likely ideas will flow.


Also by focusing on a small number, you can build momentum both within your day (as who doesn’t feel great after completing a task) and in your content creation schedule.



What is an idea?

Also, a mistake I see constantly is people want their first idea to be epic and get disappointed when it’s not. Ideas are meant to be a starting point.


So you should try to re-frame what you think of an idea as something you could write an article about.



Wait for later to filter ideas!

Create ideas daily, then filter once a week. Don’t filter as you go as it’ll stifle your creativity!


As I talk about my course: Create a website content marketing framework that drives revenue, by splitting the process into different steps, you free yourself from the burden of having to think up complete ideas.


When you filter ideas, you can validate the central keyword (using an tool suite like SEO Powersuite) and analyse how that idea fits within your keyword plan for your business website and blog.



Tips on how to generate content ideas

Don’t allow your content marketing strategy to fail due to a lack of ideas. Instead, use this tip that will help you learn how to generate content ideas.


Trust me, when you start flexing your creative muscle, you’ll kick start the idea process and be able to find plenty of ideas for your website.

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