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Why Work With an Ecommerce SEO Coach vs Agency?

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There are multiple routes to achieve your business goals. For some ecommerce owners, that means hiring a digital marketing agency. Others decide to work with an SEO coach. Figuring out whether you should work with an ecommerce SEO coach vs agency can be tricky.


On one side, you have agencies. Who for a low monthly price will sell you a package of digital marketing items. They might handle your PPC, content strategy, or link building. The more you’re willing to pay, the more they’ll customize the package.


An SEO or digital marketing coach will have no playbook and form a custom strategy to enable you to reach your goals. Next, they’ll teach and encourage your team to exceed your goals.


While the outcomes might be the same, the router is entirely different. It’s not one size fits all, especially when choosing between an ecommerce SEO coach vs agency.



How do digital marketing agencies work?

After launching your ecommerce store, you’re unhappy with the number of sales you’re doing and so start looking for a digital marketing agency. The primary reason for using an agency is they do it for you. 


You don’t need to study digital marketing for years as they have and know what will work and what won’t. After signing on the dotted line, you hand over a sizeable sum, and they get to work.


Each month, you’ll get a report and might even have a call with the people working on your account. Your account manager will always be available to chat and keep the relationship on track.


By handing over some or all of your digital marketing to an agency, you can focus on your strengths, such as choosing the products to retail, dealing with customers, and packing items to ship. It can make a lot of sense, particularly if you’re just getting started.


As your business grows or you want to hand over more of the marketing to someone, the agency will be there to help you. If you’ve got the budget, they’ll keep bumping you up through their packages until you reach the fully custom level, which could be a big payday for them.



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What can a digital marketing/SEO coach help with?

Some business owners prefer to do everything in-house. They want a marketing team who ensures their digital presence matches any offline activities.


However, it’s easy for an in-house marketer or marketing team to become bogged down in the day-to-day tasks or dealing with office politics and not have enough time or space to plan and execute a digital strategy that will help the business reach its goal.


By hiring a digital marketing or SEO coach, you can leverage the skills, experience, and knowledge of an outside consultant who can help drive your business forward without the constraints of hiring a new team member.


Coaches know they’ll be fired if they don’t perform, so will work with the marketing team to push them forward toward the goal. Unlike a digital agency that will sign you up to a 6- or 12-month contract, most consultants work on short-term agreements.



When do you need an SEO coach vs agency?

Choosing between an SEO coach vs agency might seem a little weird at the start, particularly if you think they do the same thing. While the outcomes might be the same, the route is different.


Marketing agencies are great at many things. For example, if you don’t want to hire a full-time marketer for your business but need some support, an agency can act as a fractional employee (without the mess of hiring and motivating someone).


If your team is out of ideas, you can get an agency to lead a campaign and breathe some new ideas into your business.


You might feel that your team doesn’t have the time or skill to execute a part of the digital marketing plan that is crucial to the business. So, you hire in those skills, capacity, and knowledge without employing more people.


You might have worked with an agency and didn’t have a great experience and want to bring it in-house or decide to hire a digital marketer. An SEO coach can help train your staff, devise your digital marketing plan and create the processes to enable you to grow.


A coach isn’t there to do the work for you but will push your team to success while mentoring them. They will bring a load of new ideas to the table and will cut through the crap to ensure you hit your goals.


With an in-house team, a coach can shave years off having to learn things alone and bring a new perspective to the table.



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Why build your in-house team with an external coach?

After deciding between hiring an ecommerce SEO coach vs agency, you choose to hire a consultant who can train your team.


Working with an agency is pretty hands-off, so you prefer building your in-house team as you’ll have direct control over their direction, outcomes, and the team’s make up.


However, for you to get the best from your team, you need to regularly coach them. If no one is pushing them, they’ll become complacent and comfortable. You’ll notice they run out of ideas or try to suggest ones you’ve already rejected!


Many CEOs see team coaching as the manager’s role, which to a large degree it is. However, hiring an external coach can help boost your manager and team’s capacity, ensuring you exceed your business’s goals.

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