Ecommerce PR (Public Relation) Services

Ecommerce PR (Public Relations) Services

Use Digital PR To Grow Your Revenue To $1M And Beyond

The right press coverage can turn your business into a revenue-generating machine. Our range of ecommerce PR services will enable you to grow your revenue up to $1m plus.

Traditional PR is Broken

In our analytics age, measuring the results of press mentions is easier than ever, yet many traditional PR firms still use outdated KPIs and benchmarks.


They are still sending cold pitches en masse to major publications and TV shows without considering if there's a better way to build momentum for emerging brands.


What might have worked 5 or 10 years ago doesn't produce the best results today. So, we need a different model to build our brand using meaningful press mentions.

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magazine press for ecommerce

Digital Press Requires A Bottom-Up Approach

Most of your target customers read and watch niche publications, yet many PR firms only target the big names. And while these are important, we can build greater awareness with a bottom-up approach.


By working with smaller media outlets, we can build momentum resulting in larger players not only having awareness of your brand but are eager to feature it.


By taking this approach, we can encourage discussion with a wider range of potential clients and capture people at all stages of the buying journey.


Why Getting Press Coverage Still Matters


You need to get it in front of the right people and get them excited.


You want to create a buzz that turns your target customers into free promotion.

Build trust

Before someone makes a purchase, they have to know, like, and trust your brand.

Sell product

Press mentions can be your fastest route to market, as they already have people's trust.

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Building A PR Strategy That Works

Your PR strategy should consist of a list of media you desire coverage in, what you're willing to spend per placement (including free product), and KPIs to track performance.


Without a solid plan, you'll waste your PR budget and only get some of the intended coverage. The same is true if you take the wrong approach.


Dealing with the press is no longer a numbers game but one based on strong relationships that produce win-win opportunities.

Why Use Our Ecommerce PR (Public Relations) Services?

Your life is already stressful enough without worrying if your ecommerce marketing agency is maximizing its ROI. It's critical to work with the right partners to grow your brand.


We don't do slow, nor do we offer long-term retainers, work from fancy offices, or drink artisan coffees with unpronounceable names! Instead, we offer several ecommerce PR services with transparent pricing.


By using a project-based pricing model, you can measure the outcome from the start. Don't overpay a digital marketing agency to print reports!

Matthew Alexander Hobby Hustler

Matthew Alexander

Hobby Hustler

I scheduled a 30 minute 1-to-1 call with AJ, he spent 1.5 hours! We went through my whole website, he gave me actionable advice. I learnt how to find keywords that I can rank for and how to write for people and search engines. Now, I track my keywords on a weekly basis and have over 50 keywords ranking on the first page of Google!

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  • 5 Backlink pack
  • Niche-relevant websites/big brand media
  • Pre-approval of all websites
  • Permanent Links
  • Full reporting
  • Unlimited email support
  • Product samples required



  • 10 Backlink pack
  • Niche-relevant websites/big brand media
  • Pre-approval of all websites
  • Permanent Links
  • Full reporting
  • Unlimited email support
  • Product samples required


Thoughts from clients


AJ is the guy you go to for ecommerce SEO strategy. He helps you connect the dots between content for the sake of it and content that drives visitors and importantly revenue.

Cristina BeeProductive

Cristina Samoila


AJ spent a few hours pouring knowledge over me and overall changing how I approach content creation forever! I highly recommend working with him!

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