Digital Brand Style Guide Creation Service

Digital Brand Style Guide Creation Service

Effective marketing isn't guesswork. There's a solid strategy behind it!

Using the methods in our critically acclaimed brand style guide course, we coach early stage ecommerce founders and their teams to project a consistent brand voice across their marketing.

Is Having A Brand Voice Important?

Sadly, too many ecommerce companies wrongly believe that a brand is just the logo. In fact, a brand is a collection of elements. It's the logo, font, chosen colors, but also how it makes a person feel.


We all associate a few words with each company we encounter. Most of these words are intentional, having been considered at length by the founder. These brand word associations happen by design, not accident.


Even as a small company, you should learn how to project a consistent brand voice and start building positive word associations in the minds of your customers. As you scale, you'll reap the rewards.

why Brand Voice is Important
developing your branding

Why work with us to develop yours

We talk about branding a lot with clients. And so, we released a brand style guide course. Some purchasers wanted to work directly with us to help them implement what we teach.


This service is exactly that and includes course access. In a 2-hour session, we'll work with you to build a clear and concise brand positioning and voice.


Following the session, we'll create a custom brand style guide for your business. So you'll walk away with a stronger brand and a document you can use to communicate it to employees, freelancers, and other stakeholders.

How our session will help your business succeed!

Brand positioning

Create a brand positioning that resonates with your ideal customer.

Consistent voice

Remove inconsistency from how you market your business.

Set the standards

Build a brand guideline document that standardizes how you talk to your audience.

Easier teamwork

You can start outsourcing marketing tasks while maintaining standards.

brand style guide service

Who is this session designed for?

We typically help early stage founders, CEOs, and CMOs with this service. However, regardless of your title or situation, if you need some help with branding, we're ready to work with you!


You'll walk away with a better understanding of the building blocks of branding. Also, you'll know how to project your brand's voice consistently and start building brand word associations in the mind of your customers.

Why Use Our Digital Brand Style Guide Creation Service?

Building a brand that matters take time. With our digital brand style guide creation service, we'll ensure you have a solid foundation to grow from. Yes, you could take our course, but it's much more fun to work directly with us!


You will walk away with a greater clarity on what your brand stands for, know how to effectively communicate to your target customer, and have a document you can use with your employees and freelancers to ensure consistency.


Our digital marketing services help to empower your team to reach their goals while having fun. If you're ready to scale, you should invest in this essential piece of the puzzle.

Matthew Alexander Hobby Hustler

Matthew Alexander

Hobby Hustler

I scheduled a 30 minute 1-to-1 call with AJ, he spent 1.5 hours! We went through my whole website, he gave me actionable advice. I learnt how to find keywords that I can rank for and how to write for people and search engines. Now, I track my keywords on a weekly basis and have over 50 keywords ranking on the first page of Google!

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2-Hour 1-to-1 Session

  • Work directly with us to build your brand style guide
  • Access to our Brand Guide course
  • Recorded Session
  • Unlimited email support


Thoughts from clients

Melissa Bezner

Melissa Bezner

Adapted Growth

Setting the branding and tone for a company seems obvious, but many business owners miss it. AJ will enable you to keep your messaging is consistent and relevant to your goals, brand, and target market. If you're struggling to reach the right market, you absolutely must have this!.

Kirsty Malcolm

Kirsty Malcolm

K.A.M Your Mind

How to create a Brand Style Guide has been an absolute game changer for my business. I now understand how important it is for my brand to have a voice and how to speak to my clients so that every time they see my colors and fonts they know it’s my business before they begin to read the content.

William Mapp

William Mapp

Branding is an often overlooked but necessary piece of the puzzle to building a sustainable ecommerce business. The Brand Style Guide Service will help make your marketing more effective, get you the right customers and increase your revenue.

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