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How To Do Market Research For Your Ecommerce Brand

market research for ecommerce brands

You want your brand to be successful. So it’s worth conducting some market research for your ecommerce brand to see if you can uncover potential opportunities.

Ecommerce Benchmarks vs KPIs: Why Your Store Needs Both

Ecommerce Benchmarks vs KPIs

It’s not a case of Ecommerce Benchmarks vs KPIs. You need both to correctly measure the performance of your store and ensure you’re moving closer to your goals.

Ecommerce Benchmarks: What Are They And Why Use Them?

Ecommerce Benchmarks

Learn everything you need to know about ecommerce benchmarks, including what they are, how they can help you, and how you can use them to grow your business.

What Is Ecommerce Style Guide And Do You Need One?

ecommerce style guide

By having an ecommerce style guide, you speak with a consistent tone that amplifies your brand and products, making an emotional connection with your customers.

What’s The Ideal Ecommerce Marketing Team Structure?

ecommerce marketing team structure

As a growth-minded entrepreneur, you’ll need to hire some people to help. You might wonder what does the ideal ecommerce marketing team structure looks like.

Are Ecommerce Loyalty Programs Worth The Investment?

ecommerce loyalty programs

One way to encourage customers to purchase again is by creating a loyalty scheme. But where’s the best place to start with your ecommerce loyalty programs?

Creating An Ecommerce Customer Experience That Delights

Ecommerce Customer Experience

An often overlooked element of building an ecommerce store is the overall experience. It’s tricky to create an ecommerce customer experience that matters.

3 Reasons Why You Need Ecommerce Marketing SOPs

Ecommerce Marketing SOPs

If you don’t have process documents, you’ll be using more effort than you need to. Here is why you need ecommerce marketing SOPs and how to get started.

Marketing Your Ecommerce Store With Express Video Studio Express Video Studio

Create impactful product videos for your ecommerce brand using Express Video Studio. Discover the platform and how to best use it with this article.

Digital Marketing Plan For Ecommerce Looking To Scale

Digital Marketing Plan For Ecommerce

Scaling your ecommerce brand involves marketing more effectively. Let’s look at creating a digital marketing plan for ecommerce brands hoping to scale.

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