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Basics Of Content Marketing For Real Estate Agents

content marketing for real estate agents

If you want to get more leads for your agency, you should invest in content marketing. Here are the basics of content marketing for real estate agents to use.

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What Is Keyword Cannibalization?

what is keyword cannibalization

After hours of keyword research, you find a golden opportunity. Unbeknown, you’ve already targeted it. You’ve fallen into the trap of keyword cannibalization.

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How To Write A Blog Post Outline In Under An Hour

How to write a blog post outline in under an hour

As a busy marketer or business owner, you don’t have time to wait for inspiration. Instead, you need good processes. Here’s how to write a blog post outline.

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What Is Duplicate Content And Is It Bad For SEO?

What is duplicate content

There are a lot of myths surrounding what is duplicate content on the web and how it affects SEO. However, it’s easy to understand once you’ve removed the hype.

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8 Ways To Repurpose Content For Better Marketing

repurpose content

There are plenty of ways to reuse your blog content to help market your business. Here are several ways to repurpose content and make your efforts go further!

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How To Write Website Content That Drives Revenue

How to write website content

Learning how to write website content that drives revenue is critical to your success. Without well-written and formatted content, your visitors will leave.

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What Is A Content Calendar And Why You Need One

What is a content calendar

Part of building a website content strategy is creating a content calendar. But what is a content calendar, and why does your website need one to be successful?

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How To Select 3 Website KPIs That Ensure Success

Website KPIs

Without KPIs, you’ll never know if your website is performing. That said, choosing the right 2 or 3 website KPIs can be tricky if you haven’t done it before.

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Proven Blog Content Creation Workflow (6 Steps)

blog content creation workflow

Creating website content at scale and quickly involves having a robust process in place. Here is how you can build a blog content creation workflow in 6 steps.

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How Often Should I Blog To Attract New Customers?

how often should i blog

Many business owners struggle with when to publish new blogs. In this guide to how often should I blog? I’ll help you decide your ideal posting frequency.

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