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We Help Ecommerce Brands Grow From $500K to $2M In Sales

Using a range of digital marketing strategies coupled with transparent pricing, we empower ecommerce founders and their teams to grow their revenue up to $2M plus.

Power Up Your Ecommerce Growth


Many ecommerce brands forgo investing in SEO for paid channels. Yet optimizing your website for search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) can drive clients on autopilot.

Social Media

87% of online shoppers use social media while making shopping decisions. You need a robust social media strategy that blends paid and organic tactics.

Paid Search

PPC, Google shopping ads, and remarketing are all cost-effective ways to instantly drive clients to your ecommerce website.

Email Marketing

Build profitable relationships with existing and potential customers using email marketing by creating awareness, driving sales, and building customer loyalty.


Develop yourself or your team with our ecommerce marketing coaching service. We'll help you build a clear road map that enables you to grow and upskill.


Quickly level up your digital marketing skills with our short courses. Highly actionable, easy-to-follow, and fun, they are ideal for anyone looking to grow.

Why Choose us As Your Next Ecommerce Marketing Agency?

Growing your ecommerce business requires the right partners. Why add to your stress by worrying if your ecommerce marketing agency is maximizing its ROI?


As a platform neutral agency, we work with brands using Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and other CMS. We offer a range of digital marketing services with transparent pricing.


By using a project-based pricing model, you can measure the outcome from the start. Don't overpay for a digital marketing agency to print reports. Instead, partner with AJS Digital Group and watch your brand's sales and profit scale.


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Who's behind AJS Digital group?

For as long as I can remember, I've been a small business owner. In the last decade, I’ve launched an eBook publishing company, a global ecommerce shop (built on Woocommerce before moving to Magento), built countless websites, and advised companies on their digital strategy.


Entrepreneurship and digital marketing are two of my passions. After countless years of studying, testing, and refining different online marketing techniques, I've turned my attention to helping small ecommerce brands generate more revenue.


As well as being a successful ecommerce marketer, I love coding websites. Building on the skills developed as a teenager, I now know how to enable founders of ecommerce brands to generate more revenue quicker and with less stress.


The team and I, are excited to work together to develop a digital marketing strategy that gets the results you want for your ecommerce brand; more website traffic and more revenue.


Ashley J. Saunders

aj saunders

You can work with us in three ways

Done by you: Courses

Buy one of our digital marketing courses. They're affordable, easy to follow, and highly actionable. Designed to help you upskill in under 2 hours.

Done for you: Services

Offering holistic approach to digital marketing for ecommerce, we offer SEO, Social Media, Paid Search, and Email Marketing services. We work with brands using Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and other CMS.

Done with you: Coaching and consultancy

We love working with ecommerce founders to empower their teams with the right digital strategies, tactics, SOPs, and KPIs that move the needle.

Thoughts from clients


AJ is the guy you go to for ecommerce SEO strategy. He helps you connect the dots between content for the sake of it and content that drives visitors and importantly revenue.

Cristina BeeProductive

Cristina Samoila


AJ spent a few hours pouring knowledge over me and overall changing how I approach content creation forever! I highly recommend working with him!

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